Video Story on Sports Broadcasting




  1. ryandconnor

    Hey Matt, You did a good job on your video draft. I am also interested in sport broadcasting so naturally I was interested from the beginning. One suggestion that I have is to add transitions into your story. Each clip just ends abruptly, and then the next clip starts. Adding a transition will make your story flow smoother. Another suggestion I have is to delete the black after your story ends. You almost have a minute of nothing after your story ends. If you choose not to delete it, you can add some credits at the end so the viewers know your story is over. All in all, your story is good and if you fix a couple of things your final will be very good. Good job!

  2. Kylee Kracht

    I really like the idea of this story kind of a behind the scenes look at what goes into a baseball broadcast. A few things your video content black out the last minute I feel like this may have just been an exporting error… so make sure the whole time is selected when you export.

    As for content leading into the game or first shot you should have some sort of expiation either text or voice over explain what the viewer will see. Otherwise you are just expecting to see a baseball game with commentary and then if flips to the news cast. I also would break up your interview at the end and run the broadcast commentary as almost a transition between questions to break it up a but. You video had 3 solid sections but it didn’t have a lot of flow.

    Overall your content is there I think work on mixing up content add in transitions and text or voice over to guide the audience and you will be golden. It is a really fun idea and it was a cool concept to go behind the scenes in the radio cast! Great first draft!

  3. sportssegal

    After watching some of my classmates video stories and after hearing some of their comments towards mine there are some changes that can be made to make my final draft video more authentic. After watching some videos they seemed more organized then mine because they had transitions in between each video which made the video as a whole run smoother. That was one of the bigger comments on improvement that my peers gave me was having transitions from one video to the next instead of having each video abruptly end and then go to the next one. What I had in mind for transitions from one video to the next is having a back screen with a title before each clip briefly indicating what the viewers are going to see in the video, this will almost be like an introduction. Another aspect to improve on is getting rid of the black after my story ends because apparently my video went on for a little while longer with a black screen, I will either fix that by ending on some sort of a transition or add credits at the end of the video. All in all these are the ideas that I will experiment with for my final product. Thank you all for your feedback.

  4. Marina Martin

    I like the idea of your video. I think it was really nice how you started at the baseball game and then went to the KUGR and then your personal interview. You have nice footage I would just switch up the order. I think if you added transitions it would make the video better. The video was dull so I think you need something to liven it up. Maybe music but I’m not quite sure. I read through the other comments and I like the idea of going back and forth between the KUGR footage and the personal interview with just you. I think if you added more of the spark that is missing right now. You could also maybe added credits at the end and make it fade to black. So far you’re off to a great start and I look forward to see your final product.

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